Current Partners


Access has provided us with their CRM system as well as engineering talent to build a state-of-art operations system that can scale internationally


WeCause is a Canadian on-demand platform that connects volunteers and resources to causes that need them the most by utilizing the full potential of what the community has to offer.

The Graduate Common Room (GCR) of Christ Church College

The Graduate Common Room (GCR) of Christ Church College, Oxford, has given us financial support to cover operational and software development costs

Kellogg College

Kellogg College, Oxford, has provided financial support to cover operational and software development costs as well as assistance with printing, hygiene materials and working space

PRATYek society

Works with an emphasis on "Presence and Right relations for Advocacy and training of the young for the Earth- Rights and Kids'​ Rights"​.

Charnwood Community

The Charnwood Community Action has provided wider support for our residents and created a referral process for our more challenging cases

Fearon Hall

Fearon Hall have kindly provided us with a room in their hall to store, collect and distribute our donations for the front line staff and volunteers.

Hastings Community Association

Hastings Community Association has supported us by providing us leaflets so we were able to reach a wider audience and to ensure people without internet were aware of our services.

Loughborough Muslim Forum

Loughborough Muslim Forum have been our support network when reaching the the ethnic mintority communities in our area with language support it means we are able to better support these residents.


VAL have been support us through guidance about out options as an organisation linking us to their network so we are able to support our volunteers the best way we can.

Are you next? Do you think you could be a useful addition to this list and do you enjoy helping out? Contact us!