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Are you a business or organisation that wants to partner with us? Are you a student that wants to start your own hub? Email us at studentsagainstcorona@gmail.com!

We as students want to offer a helping hand wherever we can, during this coronavirus crisis as well as afterwards. Our organisation provides a strong platform to help individuals set up their own local hub and support them throughout. These hubs connect volunteers with those who need help, whoever they are depending on the needs of that community.

StudentsAgainstCorona stresses (inter)national hygiene guidelines to avoid spreading the virus between volunteers and, most importantly, to those at-risk individuals who we are helping. We urge all volunteers to thoroughly read the Recommended Hygiene Guidelines for Volunteers and watch the instructional video before performing any tasks.

If you are healthy, and at low risk, join this movement to help others in your community!

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IMPORTANT: Always follow your Government’s advice on hygiene measures. Inform yourself by reading the guidelines published by your national health service and keep in mind these are updated regularly!

We ask volunteers to also read the Recommended Hygiene Guidelines for Volunteers carefully and watch the ‘Volunteering Hygiene Video’ before you begin volunteering.

How can I help?

With universities having closed around the world, several full-time students now find themselves free. The main way you can help is by setting up a hub in your own community. The hubs look at the needs of their respective communities and try to fill that. Usually, a hub has one of the following set-ups:

  1. Personal connecting | On the ground helping of the vulnerable
  2. Examples: Loughborough, Oxford, Orange County

  3. Businesses | Helping restaurants and cafés
  4. Examples: Vienna, Berlin

  5. Strict lockdown | Helping from home and at scale
  6. Examples: Delhi, Pune

  7. Educational | Fighting misinformation
  8. Examples: Brikama, Kampala, Benin City

Signing up as a volunteer.

If there is already a hub in your community you can sign up as a volunteer. Tasks vary per community. When helping on the ground this can consist of going grocery shopping, walking dogs, chatting over the phone or perhaps even getting involved in operations. When helping businesses the goal is to provide a platform for customers to buy vouchers to their favourite places. In a strict lockdown, helping consists of connecting businesses and local governments or providing logistics to get things like food to those in need. Furthermore, you can help by raising awareness on facts about the coronavirus and hygiene.

Want to know more about how we got started? Watch the #UUGotThis portrait here

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Disclaimer: The local hubs affiliated to StudentsAgainstCorona have been set up by members of local communities on a voluntary basis over which we have limited control. Even though we strive to support them in any way we can, we cannot take any responsibility for their actions.